Etem Tem V. Ulusal Fotoğraf Yarışması

Etem Tem V. Ulusal Fotoğraf Yarışması
Contest Name

Etem Tem V. Ulusal Fotoğraf Yarışması

Contest Description

National members only

Contest Specifications

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  • Start Date 23.05.2023 00:00
  • Deadline for Participation 15.08.2023 23:00
  • Board Meeting Date 20.08.2023 00:00
  • Announcement of Results 23.08.2023 00:00
Institution Information
Issuing Institution
Afyonkarahisar Municipality
Secretariat Officer
Secretariat E-Mail Address
[email protected]
Secretariat Phone
TFSF Representative and Approval Information
Representative Name Surname
Cengiz Han GÜNESEN
TFSF Verification Code
Participant List (Last 10 Participants)
Name Lastname Country City Digital color - mono
Orhan KARTAL Turkey Batman 4 26.05.2023 10:19
Kıvılcım Bala ÇAKIR Turkey Kocaeli 4 24.05.2023 02:01
* City information is not displayed if Citizens of the Republic of Turkey not living in Turkey