2nd NEW WORLD International Photography Circuit

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2nd NEW WORLD International Photography Circuit
Contest Name

2nd NEW WORLD International Photography Circuit

Contest Description

Participation fee is mandatory. All participants must enter the https://theiaap.com/e/newworld/ to join the contest. 2nd International Photography Contest of “NEW WORLD Circuit 2023” is in 3 sections; 1-DIGITAL: OPEN (Color) 2-DIGITAL: OPEN (Monochrome) 3-DIGITAL: WOMAN (Monochrome & Color)

Contest Specifications

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  • Start Date 09.06.2023 00:00
  • Deadline for Participation 09.10.2023 23:59
  • Board Meeting Date 15.10.2023 00:00
  • Announcement of Results 20.10.2023 00:00
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HULKİ MURADİ Photography&Art, Mersin
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[email protected]
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